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If I Could Meet Ten People….

on March 12, 2013

This week for the Student Blogging Challenge, I am going to write a post about ten people that I want to meet, alive or dead. So here goes!

The ten people I want to meet and the questions I want to ask them are:

1) Justin Bieber~ How cool is it to be one of the most famous singers?

2) Aaron Craft~ When did you first realize that you wanted to play basketball?

3) John Luke Robertson~ How does it feel to be on a TV show with most of your family?

4) Si Robertson~ Are you always cracking jokes even when you’re not on TV?

5) Jenny Finch~ At what age did you first start playing softball?

6) Michael Jordan~ What made you stay with basketball after you got cut in high school?

7) Lucille Ball~ How much fun was it to be in a TV show (“I Love Lucy”) that was mainly about you?

8) Susan Collins~ How did you come up with the idea to write a book like the Hunger Games?

9) Elvis Presley~ Did the death of your twin brother help motivate you throughout your music career?

10) George Washington~ What was it like to be one of the founding fathers of this country?

Who would you like to meet??


3 Responses to “If I Could Meet Ten People….”

  1. Helen Digby says:

    Hi Molly

    I am a high school teacher in Victoria, Australia. I teach English, Literature and Humanities (Geography / History / Social Studies). I will be dropping by from time to time to check out your blog as part of the Blogging Challenge.

    I love your post for the first challenge … you ask some really interesting questions. Was it hard to choose the 10 people?

    Why did you call your blog “Mystery Journal”? I love the flashing glitter text, by the way 🙂 … it’s one of my favourite sites.

    I look forward to reading more – keep blogging


    • mollycle6 says:

      Hey Helen!

      Thanks for checking out my blog. It was really hard to chose the 10 people because there are so many that I want to meet!

      Anyway, when I first started my blog I wanted something that sounded mysterious and this name popped in my head so I just kept it!

      Molly 🙂

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