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My Favorite Things! The Top 10

on May 6, 2013

My ten favorite things are:

1. Softball (my life!)

2. Volleyball

3. Basketball

4. Spending times with friends and family

5. Being outdoors

6. Being around animals (especially dogs)

7. Disney World!!!!!

8. Shopping with my friends

9. Playing volleyball in the rain

10. Listening to music



4 Responses to “My Favorite Things! The Top 10”

  1. ebrard says:

    Hi Molly, I like your blog. Do you want to look out mine ? :

  2. Josue says:

    You spend a lot of time outside!

  3. Josue says:

    You must love the outdoors!

  4. phoebe the honey bee says:

    I love softball and volleyball. Every year at our school before thanksgiving break we have a volleyball tournament!

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