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Secrets Secrets

Sorry for writing my post a little late. I’ve been really busy with softball, but for the Student Blogging Challenge, we are writing a post about what secret we think hides in this forest. Here is the picture:







A secret that I think hides in this forest is a magical waterfall that can grant you any wish you want if you stand underneath it. Only if you are brave enough to travel through this dangerous, scary pathway to get to it though!

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Ten Ways To Use A Sock…..

For the Student Blogging Challenge, we are to write a post about ten things you could do with a holey sock. Now, this took some creativity, but I finally figured out ten ways. Here they are!

You could use a holey sock for

1) A sock puppet.

2) A toy for a puppy.

3) As a rag.

4) As a bat warmer for softball to keep it warm when it’s cold.

5) To put on a water bottle to absorb the sweat.

6) Window cleaner.

7) Sew it and reuse it.

8) A bag for something.

9) A headband.

10) Roll it up and put a rubber-band on it to use as a ball.

Can you think of any other ways to use a sock with holes?


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